Sunday, June 27, 2010

Gone for a week.....

So I ran away with the kids for the first time this past week. We hitched a ride with a friend who is from BM, but now lives in Bend, OR, which is where Jay's mom lives. We arrived on Monday night and stayed until Friday, where then we rode with Grandma Kathy to Weiser, Idaho/Ontario, Oregon area where we met up with Jay for the weekend. We had already planned to met Grandma Kathy in Idaho for the weekend anyways so it worked out great. Jay had to work all week so it was a great week to escape from dishes, laundry, mopping...housework in general and Nevada HEAT!!Our plan for the weekend was to visit Jay's dad, grandparents and other family and friends so we could introduce them to Greyson for the first time and for them to see Ashlynn once again. We usually only get that way once or twice a year so when we do it is great to see everyone.(Great Grandma and Grandpa Newkirk with Ashlynn and Greyson)
Greyson is the 4th generation of Newkirk men and will be the last one on our side of the Newkirk family to carry on the name. When Greyson was born I thought that he looked like his Great Grandpa Newkirk, and after seeing them together I can see it even more!
(Jay, Great Grandpa Newkirk, Greyson and Ken)

I have more pictures to post of the kids with Great Grandparents but they are on Jay's phone, so I will get those upload here in the next couple of days.


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