Thursday, June 17, 2010

4 months....

I took Greyson in yesterday for his 4 month old check-up and shots. He is now up to 13lbs 6oz and 24 inches long. We can try feeding him rice cereal, which blows my mind at 4 months old! We are also able put him on regular formula because he is gaining and maintaining weight as a full term baby would be...which will be nice money wise. The formula he has been on cost $16 a can, which doesn't even last a full week. Since we have been home, March 20th, we have gone through about 24 cans.
He is such a happy little guy!! In the last week he has started "talking" and within the last 2 weeks he makes cooing sounds and hands out wonderful heart warming smiles!! Sad to think that he is out growing 0-3month old clothing and that a size 2 diaper fits much better!! He is such a great baby!! By 11am he is ready for his nap which could last anywhere from 2 to 4hours. Then by 7pm he is ready for about an hour or two nap. Then depending on our night he is back to sleep about 9pm and wakes up roughly about 1:30am and 5am for a feeding. I remember a year ago or even the past 7 years since we had Ashlynn trying to decided if we wanted to have another baby I had a hard time thinking of what life would be like! Even being pregnant I was like oh my Jimi, what are you going to do??!! But now I know our family is complete!


kiki comin said...

what a cute picture! so glad he is so healthy.:)

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