Monday, June 14, 2010

Start of Summer

June has shown to be a busy month already. School is out and the weather is getting hot. I am glad to not have to get up and get Ashlynn to school, but not looking forward to "What can I do!" There is plenty to do around here, but not exactly what she might have in mind!! :)
Jay and I celebrated out 11th anniversary on the 12th. He had to work, so it was just another day for the most part. Greyson also turned 4 months old on the 12th and is such a happy happy little man! He loves to smile, wiggle and starting to giggle!! He mainly hands out lots of smiles and love to his daddy and sister! He lights up listening to Ashlynn...she could read the phone book and he would smile ear to ear. She is the best big sister. As I type, he is having boppy time on the floor in her room while she is cleaning it(her idea to clean, not mine!! LOL) She is not so into changing diapers or feeding..she is more then happy to get them started, but then passes the buck!!
We plan on making a few trips this summer and the rest will happen as it comes. Our first trip is to Idaho here in a couple of weeks to see Jay's side of the family. It will be their first time meeting Gresyon, which will be great to have memories of the great grandparents holding him for the first time. Then we are thinking about going to Sea World in San Diego, which Ashlynn is way excited for!! Me too, I have to say!!
This past weekend my cousin and his wife from Salt Lake City came down for a visit and..............this is the results of our weekend. I have thought about getting a tattoo before but never knew what I wanted or where to put it. I knew I wanted the kids one way or another part of it. My first one on my right foot has an A and G in it for the kids. Can you find the A and G? Then about 30 minutes after I got my first one done, I said now the left look looks too bare!! So the next day I got my left foot done. Can you find the J in it? I am still surprised that I did it, not only on the feet but BOTH!! Some parts where tender, but it must not have been that bad to make me thinking I needed one on the other foot. People say the feet can be a very sore place to get a tattoo and my cousin who has them all over, says he will never finish the one he has started on this foot due to it being too much for him.
We kept my cousin busy, my dad got one on each arm, my sister in law got a a dragonfly on each of her shoulder blades, then my friend Heather and her husband came over and got zodiac signs of their kids. Jay was not new at the tattoo world...he got his first one about 4 years ago and has wanted another one for a few years now. The cross was his art work from this weekend. We only live once!

Right Foot..1st Tattoo Left Foot...2nd Tattoo Jay's 2nd Tattoo
Can you see the A and G? Can you see the J?


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