Friday, July 2, 2010


We got a new camera, well I did as an early birthday present, but I will share with Jay!! Anyways, we gave Ashlynn our old camera but before we did we make sure there were no pictures that needed to be downloaded and this was one of three pictures on the camera still. It brought back so many memories, feelings, emotions and wonder! Greyson was only 3 days handsome little man who made me realize there are miracles and that things happen for a reason in my life. It took Jay and I 7 years to decided to have another baby and it wasn't an easy choice to say the least, but I know we were meant to bring this baby, who we named Greyson James, into the world to make us smile, make our hearts warm and most of all complete our a family of 4!
Even though I don't think about our roller coaster ride we went on almost 4 months ago every day I am still very thankful for everyone who made our NICU/SLC stay great! I keep in touch with Greyson's primary nurse, Rebecca and one of this other nurses Rachel on Facebook, which is just awesome. They are very special people who I hope we never loose touch with.
We meet so many families who were on a roller coaster ride just like us, some might of been spinning more or less then ours, but we were all on the NICU ride. We met the cuties couple, Sklar and Katie who were blessed with twin boys, Falcon and Pheniox, who became Greyson's roommates in Room 6. Twins did not run on either side of the family. They discovered they were having twins at their 20 week appointment to find out the sex of what they thought was only 1 baby!! We found each other on facebook and it has been great to see the boys grow just like Greyson!! We also met a set of TRIPLETS, Gabe, Christian and Sunshine who were born in January. I read their blog for the first time the other night and WOW!! Their parents Kara and her husband have done an amazing job keeping up with 3 babies!! Some days I think it is overwhelming taking care of a 4 month old and 7 year old, but triples....oh my! One person who I would of not been able to finish the roller coaster ride without is my new friend Tina, another NICU mama! Not only is she a NICU mama, she is a very strong willed experienced NICU mama. Her son Noah River...aka, Greyson's NICU cuz...was born on December 17th at 25 weeks and spent almost 4 months in the NICU going though so much more then we did AND it was her second preemie baby. She is a stay at home mom to her 3 boys, married to a hard working man by the name of Chase who runs their family business in Idaho...why couldn't we have know each other when we lived a lot closer!! LOL I admire her strength, knowledge and milk supply....sorry Tina...the picture of the bags full of milk cups came to mind!! :) Not only did we get to know each other in a short amount of time, but we also made time to laugh, smile, cry, shop, eat (Ohhhh Red Loster) and reassure each other it was okay to have another Starbucks!! I wish we lived closer but thank heavens for texting!!


Tina McBurney said...

Wow, I feel like a rockstar right make me sound pretty awesome! I don't think you give yourself enough credit though, you are just as strong {not in the milk department, I'll give you that much!} I do pretty much rock at making milk! :) Any family that can make it through a NICU experience in tact is pretty amazing in my book, so KUDOS to you!

kara said...

I'm so glad you came by our blog! This post made me cry. The NICU is getting further and further away from real life, but it's still always on the surface somehow, ya know? Greyson is GIANT!!! I love it. It's so wonderful to see him thriving and healthy. I agree with Tina, you don't give yourself enough credit! I'll never forget you moms who had to leave other babies home to battle it out with your preemie. It's great to see pics of your daughter, she's darling. I'm glad you guys are doing well!

kiki comin said...

so sweet. he really IS a miracle. and when you look at him doesn't it make you feel so small in the scheme of things!and I agree with these other really don't give yourself enough credit!:)

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