Saturday, November 20, 2010

Way Past Due

I look back over the last 6 months and am blown away that Thanksgiving is next week and Christmas will only be a month away. Along with the holidays, it blows my mind that Greyson is now 9 months old and we have been home for 7 months. And Ashlynn is now 8..YES 8. I have an 8 year old. Oh and we have made two house payments already, are all settled in but still have not painted. OMG!!! All these thoughts rambling in my mind could go on forever!! So much as gone on since I last blog backed in JULY! Gosh back then it was hot, we were so digging our central air and now...we woke up this morning to our first SNow and the heater is on all the time!! I guess I need to sit back and tell myself that it is not good for the soul and my readers that I throw so much out at one time because who knows is all this rambling is or going to make since by time I am done!!

First Topic of Business: House

We are loving our new house. We are pretty much settled in and are grateful to have a place that is ours. We were lucky that there wasn't a huge list of to do's with the place, but like all women, we have our own no matter what. Painting has been at the top of my list, but hasn't gotten done yet. I think I know what colors I want. I so want the job to be done, but not looking forward to the mess and hassle of getting it done. I would so love for someone to show up on my door step and get it done for me. It wouldn't be so bad, if the colors on some of the walls weren't ready for Christmas.(I will try to post a picture)

Topic Two: Ashlynn Paige

Who turned 8 years old on the first of November. I can so rem' the evening before my water broke the next morning. We lived in American Falls, Idaho, Jay was out on duty (we were in law enforcement in Idaho and Jay worked for the county as a road deputy...crazy law enforcement to mining!!) It was Halloween night, every foggy and cold as I was home alone watching TV thinking, so I am so glad that my little one will not be born on Halloween and that her birthday will be a few weeks at least from a holiday. My due date was Nov. 9th, but you always hear that your first baby is late. The next morning Jay is in bed and about 6 am I really had to go pee. I so got up and went and went and went and went.....crawled back in bed. Gosh, must not of gotten up 10 times that night like I normally did. By 6:30am I had to go again and I rem' thinking gosh I step the to the foot of our bed....GUSSSSSSHHHHHHH!! My water broke. I'm try shake Jay to get his attention as he is out hard core from a busy night at work. All in all, we got to the hospital about 9 was so foggy and the frost on the jeep was not in our favor, so we couldn't just get in and go. I hopped in the shower....Jay was freaking out..what if..what if!! I figured if I had to wait around I might as well be clean and since I wasn't feeling like I had to push I was good!! :)
8 years later we are so blessed to have our daughter in our lives. She is such a SUPER big sister. I could go on and on as I did about how she came into our world, but I am thankful that we have put a bigger grin on her face with a little brother. She adores him and most of all he ADORES her even more!! She is going AWesoMe in 2nd grade and working so hard. She had perfect attendance up until her birthday, which she missed her first day (and the next day) of school because of being sick. Not the best way to spend your birthday, but we were glad to all be home with her on her special day!

Business Matter Number 3: Sir Greyson

Mister Greyson Sir....there is so much to say about him. Amazing how much he changes week to week little lone month to month. It blows my mind that he is where he is today. At 9 months old, I would say he is close to 21 maybe 22 lbs and about 30 inches long. (I am buying at least 18 month old bottoms/one pieces to make sure they are long enough for him) Those are my guesses, whether I am on or off, all I know he that he is grow way to fast. I miss those days of just holding him and watching him sleep whether is was in his crib at the hospital or the ride home from SLC. Our roller coaster ride back in Feb. seems sooooo long ago and I wonder to myself if it even happened.
Greyson is starting to get very busy and if you blink your eye he is not in the same spot anymore. He has been rolling all over the place for the past few months and just the last week or two you see him doing the army crawl. He loves to be on the floor with is toys or banging on the kitchen floor. He will pretty much eat anything you give him, but seems to love mashed potatoes. He is so cute when he picks up a snack and puts it to his mouth, but misses!! So darn cute!! He loves to slash in the bath and is getting to be a wiggle worm when trying to change him. He is not sitting up on his own yet....but getting better in just the last few days. He would much rather be on his belly where he knows he can move faster. He is full of smiles and laughter!!
He is attached to his bottle when it is time to go to sleep and such a good sleeper he is. I can't even rem' those first months of being home and having to get up and feed him a few times during the night. He is on a schedule that I can't complain about at all. He is usually up at 6:30 am, down for a nap no later then 9 am for at least 30 minutes, down again by 12pm for up to 3 to 4 hours somedays, then ready for a power nap around 4 and in bed by 7pm, maybe 8pm the LATEST!! By all means he loves to snuggle, but most of the time he is ready for his bottle and blanket in his crib.

Next Order of Business: Jay and I

Jay has been busy at work and gearing up for the cold. Winter is never fun because he has to drive 40 miles one way to catch the van, then another 45 minutes out to the mine site. I am always worried about him with the weather getting bad even more then I do on good days. I am thankful to have such a hard working husband. On his days off, it seems like I have that to do list ready for him. It seems never ending and that time always seems to run out to get everything done.
I am busy with every day life of being a mom and wife. Now that to do list is truly never ending!! I am also working part time at the schools, on top of picking up a few sub days here and there. My job is only 16 hours a week, but seems to take more out of me, but I love it!!

Last Order of Business: Our family

We are gearing up for the holiday season. We will be having Thanksgiving with my parents at our place this year. What a wonderful memory it will be! Jay and I started to get the lights and decorations up outside last week while the weather was still warm and dry, but nothing seemed to go our way, so we only got a start. Ashlynn came home from school so excited to see decorations up, but wasn't happy when I told her the lights couldn't come on until December. We look kinda funny with pumpkins on the porch still but then Christmas decorations hung!! LOL I pretty much have all the Christmas shopping done and blessed that we will have Greyson's first Christmas in our house. I can hardly wait for Christmas morning!!

In closing:
I hope that everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving next week and are as blessed as we are.


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What a sweet little update. Wish we lived closer.:) You are such a sweet friend and mom! Glad you are in my life.:)

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